Freshkote Multi-Dose PF

About FreshKote PF (Multi-dose) Patented polymer blend Designed to support all layers of the tear film Convenient 10mL preservative-free multi-dose bottle Description (by Rebecca) Freshkote is the last available of "Dr. Holly's Drops", as we used to call them in the 'old' days. Dr Holly's Drops were the first thing...

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About FreshKote PF (Multi-dose)

  • Patented polymer blend
  • Designed to support all layers of the tear film
  • Convenient 10mL preservative-free multi-dose bottle

Description (by Rebecca)

Freshkote is the last available of "Dr. Holly's Drops", as we used to call them in the 'old' days. Dr Holly's Drops were the first thing to get me comfortable after I got dry eye from LASIK in 2001. Dr. Holly is a brilliant scientist and he used to participate so helpfully and kindly in the online forums where so many of us folks congregated desperately looking for solutions in those days. The timeframe of his main work and research on dry eye dates to an era I think of as having been more about the science and less about the commerce than either the 90's or the Restasis era that followed. Thankfully we are once again heading back into 'real science' but we had a lot of dark years in between, in terms of lack of differential diagnosis and useful therapeutics.


Back in the day, there were actually four drops. Dwelle was the original. I will always consider that Dwelle was the finest drop ever made for severe symptoms - both for folks with severe dry eye and with recurrent corneal erosions. Then there were two variations on the theme. Dwelle plus Vitamin A was called Dakrina (both drops, now, sadly, long since off the market), and Dwelle plus a lipid ingredient was called FreshKote. There was also in those days a wonderful little pink drop called NutraTear, much lighter weight, my favorite drop ever for daily use and the only drop I ever liked for use over scleral gas perm lenses. Sigh. (As a matter of fact, when I first started The Dry Eye Company, it was partly to resurrect these drops, which were not on the market at the time. That worked, for some years, till the $ ran out. Long story.) 


So FreshKote is the only one of Dr. Holly's drops on the market today. Not having ever been marketed by one of the huge ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, it's not as well known as the brands commanding most of the shelf space at the drugstore. I wish it had the full recognition in the medical community that it deserves, but I'm grateful there are so many doctors who have recognized its outstanding efficacy and continue to support it.


In all its long life, this is the first time FreshKote has been available in a preservative free version. You may wonder how I could befriend a preserved drop all that time! But it was a unique preservative, not used in any other eyedrops to my knowledge, and had a really long strong history of not causing issues. Thankfully though, it's just not even an issue or question anymore.


You may also wonder what's 'special' about the ingredients. At a superficial reading, nothing. So much of this polymer and so much of that, big deal. Actually there are details of grades of polymers and other substances that aren't reflected in standard FDA product labeling that can play a really important role. With this product, it is the blending of particular grades of the polymers (not used in any other drops you have tried) that makes the difference to how it works and what it achieves.  

About the new preservative-free bottles

The new FreshKote preservative-free bottles contain 10mLs, which is smaller than the original 15mL, so users of the original have been understandably a bit disgruntled at feeling like they get less product for more money.

These preservative-free bottles are also distinctly different from conventional eyedrop bottles (they're the same as Oasis Tears PF Multi-Dose, if you happen to have used that). They're stiffer and harder to use than conventional eye drop bottles, so people with arthritis may not like them. They also just take a little getting used to: it takes longer for the drops to come out, so it may take a little practice Not everyone will love the bottle, for sure, and honestly, it's going to feel like a step backward if you're used to the original ones.

But... they are preservative-free, at last!

Suggested best uses

We can't recommend it for specific conditions obviously - only your doctor can do that. But the people I've known whom it has helped have been (a) severely symptomatic dry eye patients either with ADDE, EDE or both, and (b) people with ecurrent corneal erosions. But... ask your doctor.



Stinging, and residue. Freshkote has a high concentration of polymers and for that reason, when it goes on a very dry eye it can sting. As long as there is no other issue going on (such as an ingredient allergy or sensitivity), motivated users can prevent this like any other drop that stings, by wetting the eye 5-10 minutes before application. As for residue, the drop will tend to crystallize on and around the base of the lashes especially if you apply a lot (like Celluvisc). Use small drops and wipe the lashes after application if this is a problem.

Plus, like I said, the bottle style.

Description (manufacturer's)

The Clear Solution. FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free supports the integrity of all layers of the tear film delivering relief from dry eye symptoms.

FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) delivers relief from dry eye symptoms by supporting the integrity of all layers of the tear film. Its patented polymer blend allows FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free to combat tear evaporation and assist in the complete wetting of the ocular surface.

Talk with your doctor about recommending FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) for you today!

Please refer to packaging for full product safety information.
FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) is formulated to support the integrity of all three layers of the tear film


Drug Facts

Active Ingredients

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol 2.7% (Lubricant)
  • Povidone 2.0% (Lubricant) 


  • For use as a lubricant to prevent further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye. 
  • For the temporary relief of discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye or to exposure to wind or . 

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